Top Things You Can Learn From Fitness Genetic Testing

If you have never done a fitness genetic test, then you might not be aware of just how easy these tests are or just how much information they can provide. The following are various things you can learn from undergoing a fitness genetic test. Whether You're Predisposed to Being Overweight First of all, if you have been struggling with weight loss and aren't sure why, you may want to have a fitness genetic test done to determine if you are predisposed to being overweight. Read More 

Four Benefits Of Enrolling In A Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Substance abuse treatment is a multifaceted process that takes on several different forms. It may be helpful to explore various treatment options to determine which form best suits a patient's needs. Substance abuse treatments benefit both the person undergoing substance abuse therapy and their family members or loved ones directly impacted by the addiction. For example, attending substance abuse treatment programs reduces the risk of relapsing. Mitigating relapses has significant financial and social benefits for patients and their support systems. Read More 

Ear Infection? What You Can Do

Ear infections can be very painful, and if your child has one of these infections, it could leave your child in tears and a fever. They may not yet be old enough to tell you what is wrong. If your child is upset and crying, or is grabbing at their ear, it may be an ear infection. There are other signs you can watch out for, and things you can do to help your child feel better. Read More 

Signs Of Preeclampsia And How It Is Treated

Preeclampsia is a condition some pregnant women may encounter that can negatively affect both the mother and the baby. Preeclampsia can cause high blood pressure that can then affect the other organs of the body, which can also then begin to affect the baby as well. Women with preeclampsia are closely monitored and are treated in a way that focuses on both the baby and the mother. Read on for a few signs of preeclampsia and information about how it is treated. Read More 

What Medical Conditions Do Dermatologists Treat?

Dermatologists have largely been associated with making the skin look good, but did you know that dermatologists also work with the skin to ensure that it is healthy? These are some of the medical conditions a dermatologist can help you with. Contact Dermatitis Contact dermatitis comes with red, itchy rashes after coming into contact with a triggering stimulus. A doctor can identify the condition based on the symptoms and provide potential treatment options. Read More