3 Exciting New Uses For Peptides

Many bodybuilders and individuals who work out on a regular basis rely on peptides in order to enhance their performance during workouts. When many people purchase peptides like creatinine, they may never think twice that their favorite peptides might have other important uses. If you purchase peptides to increase your stamina and extend the time of your exercise sessions, then you may be interested to learn about 3 new uses for this popular protein.

No more drug-resistant bacterial infections

With more and more people developing drug-resistant bacterial infections, scientists are scrambling to create a new generation of antibiotics that can easily kill these super-bugs. After years of research and studies, scientists in Germany may have created a new type of antibiotic that can get rid of these drug- resistant infections. Scientists have discovered that small peptides have the ability to kill otherwise resistant bacteria.

One of these angles consists of the microbial peptides intermingling with bacteria, and killing the bacteria in the process. This process occurs with no damage to cells whatsoever. Several more trials and studies must be conducted before this new type of antibiotic can be approved and become available, but scientists are hopeful and excited.

Anti-aging serum of the future

There are many products on the market which are intended to erase the visible effects of aging; however, some of them fail to work as promised. A new product, which contains peptides is being created. Though still in the testing stage, this cutting-edge wrinkle and line-reducing product is expected to be on the market soon, and it will cost about $1,000 for a one month supply! Similar face creams have already been launched in Canada, and so far consumers have been quite pleased.

Helps patients with cystic fibrosis

Most people with cystic fibrosis die before reaching the age of 40, due to the many lung infections and other complications of the disease. Scientists may have discovered a way to prolong the lives of those with this disease, through the use of peptide-containing breathing treatments. These treatments are intended to prevent dehydration in the lungs, which is what typically leads to the deadly infections and other complications.

So, whether you use creatinine or other peptides on a regular basis, or only occasionally, you might find it interesting to know that a protein that can provide so much assistance during workouts could have many other uses! Science will continue to evolve, and you never know what peptides might be used for in the future.