Understanding The Use And Benefit Of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Our bodies rely on electromagnetic energy for exchange between cells. Our body chemistry, metabolism and routine body function are all dependent on this energy. When something is amiss, whether from injury or other disruption, altering the electromagnetic field may help to restore the natural balance of the pulses that keep your body moving. Here's a look at what pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can do for your body.

The Basics of the Therapy

Electromagnetic field therapy involves the use of specialized coils placed directly on the affected part of the body. For example, if you have an injured knee, the coils would be applied directly to the knee. There are even full-sized mats that you can lie on for whole body treatments.

With the coils positioned on the affected area, the machine is activated and the intensity of the magnetic pulses is adjusted gradually. This gives your body time to adjust to the change in the frequencies. As the intensity of the pulses increases, the magnetic frequency pulse inside your body increases. This will distribute the electromagnetic field throughout the area. You may feel some muscle twitching, but these treatments don't usually cause pain.

Treatments are typically done in short spans, but you can treat multiple areas every time, allowing you to get as much benefit as possible from the process.

The Conditions You Can Treat

Since pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can improve circulation, increase your cell's oxygen saturation and even reduce inflammation and pain, this treatment is used for many different conditions. It can be beneficial for muscle, nerve and bone injuries and pain as well as things like arthritis, swelling, inflammation and neurological conditions.

The Safety of the Therapy

In most cases, pulsed electromagnetic therapy is a safe alternative to medications and other treatments. However, since it involves electromagnetic pulses, patients with pacemakers and other electrical devices cannot receive electromagnetic therapy. Additionally, pregnant women and individuals who are prone to seizures should look for other treatment options as well until more studies can determine its safety for those conditions.

The electromagnetic fields used in these therapy systems are low frequency. That is part of what ensures their safety. High frequency electromagnetic fields can be damaging to the human body, so make sure that you have these treatments done by a professional to ensure that you are being treated properly and safely.

If you've been considering alternative therapy options, talk with your chiropractor or specialist at places like PEMF4000 about the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. You may find that you are an ideal candidate for this type of treatment.