3 Home Remedies To Help You Cure Diarrhea Without Pharmaceuticals

There are few things more uncomfortable than being hit with a sudden bout of diarrhea. While many over-the-counter medications designed to treat this condition exist, there are also many effective remedies you can try at home to cure your diarrhea.

If you are trying to avoid pharmaceuticals and want to get rid of pesky diarrhea the natural way, here are 3 home remedies you can try.

1. Grab a cup of yogurt.

This breakfast staple can be beneficial in helping you prevent episodes of diarrhea, and it can do so naturally. Many forms of diarrhea are caused by bacteria that find their way into your digestive system. These bacteria can begin to attack the delicate tissues in your digestive tract, leading to irritation and diarrhea.

By consuming a cup of yogurt that contains live cultures, you can introduce good bacteria into your system. These good bacteria help to combat the diarrhea-causing bacteria, restoring your body to its natural state without the aid of pharmaceuticals.

2. Avoid milk and other dairy products (with the exception of yogurt).

Staying away from certain foods can be an effective way to get rid of diarrhea. The small intestine, which is responsible for the digestion of milk and other dairy products, plays a key role in producing the symptoms of diarrhea.

When you consume any milk or dairy products (with the exception of yogurt) while in the midst of an episode of diarrhea, you run the risk of making your diarrhea worse. Experts suggest that you avoid dairy products for one to three weeks after your symptoms subside to prevent the return of diarrhea.

3. Cut back on your caffeine.

While you may be tempted to reach for your favorite caffeinated beverage for comfort when experiencing diarrhea, doing so could make your condition worse. Caffeine acts as a gastrointestinal tract stimulant. This means that caffeine sends your intestines into overdrive, which is the last thing you want when battling diarrhea.

Instead of drinking caffeinated beverages, opt for herbal teas instead. Chamomile tea is especially effective in combating diarrhea since it helps to treat intestinal inflammation and calm the colon.

No one wants to deal with the discomfort often associated with diarrhea. By taking the time to learn some simple remedies you can use to treat your diarrhea at home you will be able to avoid using pharmaceuticals to help yourself recover from an episode of diarrhea.