Who Needs A Compounding Pharmacist? You Might Be Surprised!

You have probably heard of compounding pharmacies, which are prescription druggists that create medications to fit patients with specific needs. What you may not know, however, is that compounding pharmacies help a wide range of individuals. In fact, you or someone in your family may be a candidate for this helpful pharmaceutical service. Here is a list of people who can derive great benefit from using compounding pharmacists. 


If you have any young children, then you certainty understand that getting them to take their prescriptions can sometimes be rather trying. Your child may hate the flavor of the pill and simply refuse to swallow his medicine. The answer to this dilemma is to let a compounding pharmacy make a custom prescription for your child. The druggist will add some sugar or flavoring to the pills that your little one will love. Also, if you have a very small child, such as an infant, the pharmacy can create medications in a low dose suitable to the child's body weight. 


Does an older family member live in your home? If so, then you are possibly familiar with some of the problems concerning giving medication to the elderly. For example, the elderly, like children, can sometimes be picky about the taste of their prescriptions. A compounding pharmacist solves this issue with older people the same way he does with a child. Also, some seniors have difficulty swallowing normal-sized pills. The compounding pharmacy will resolve this difficulty by creating smaller pills or offering the medication as a liquid. 


Are you or a family member allergic to substances such as gluten or coloring dyes? This vulnerability might lead to health problems because many medications contain substances that cause allergic reactions. These side effects include symptoms such as rashes, headaches, vomiting and watery eyes. By working in tandem with your doctor, however, a compounding pharmacist will produce a custom medication that does not contain any of your allergens. 


In addition to the humans in your family, your pets can benefit from custom medications in some instances as well. If your finicky pet turns up her nose at her prescriptions pills, simply have a compounding veterinary pharmacist make the medication more palatable with a flavoring tailored to her preferences.

Compounding pharmacists, such as http://www.pottershouserx.com, obviously perform an extremely valuable service for different groups of people and even some of your animal friends. For more information, contact a compounding pharmacy in your area.