Must-Have Supplies For Every Home Health Care Nurse

When you become a home health care provider, nurse, or home health aide, there are certain things you should have available. Sometimes these items are provided by the client, while other times they may be provided by the company you work with. There are a few items that you should always have with you in case of emergency or as a backup if supplies at your home health location run out. Here are a few of those must-have supplies

Overnight Bag

As a home health care provider, you should always have an overnight bag ready in your car or with you when you visit the client's home. Even if you don't work an overnight shift, you may still have moments when you have to stay later or overnight due to someone missing their shift. There are also some cases when your client may need to be transported to the hospital and you have to remain with them or at the home until family can arrive. Having an overnight bag ready to go will ensure that you are comfortable and prepared regardless of the situation.

Blood Pressure Cuff

You can buy a blood pressure cuff that is comfortable and suitable for home health from most health care stores. These cuffs are available in easy-to-use digital options that fit over the client's wrist. In some cases, you may have a client that is experiencing dizzy spells or has had a black out. When you contact your supervisor or speak to the client's health care professional, you may be asked what the client's blood pressure is. Having a cuff on hand can save time, make things easier, and ensure you are giving the most accurate information possible to your supervisor or the health care provider.

Log Book

If you are handling injections, medications, or other items for the client that require specific dosage or care, then you should have a log book. This log book can be left at the residence and can serve as a checkpoint for not only the family, but also the next home health provider coming on shift. Though some companies will supply you with this, others may not. Make sure you have one to ensure that everything is monitored and recorded in the event something, like a question regarding the dosages given on certain medications, is asked.

Having these three items ready to go and with you will help reduce confusion, ensure the client's safety, and ensure your well-being as a home health care provider. If you have any questions about other must have supplies you should have, contact your company or ask the family if there is anything they would like you to consider as part of your supply list.