2 Ways To Get An Affordable Dental Implant If You Don’t Have Insurance

Authorities estimate that nearly 200 million Americans are living without dental insurance today. Paying for cleanings and small cavities might be possible without insurance, but if you need serious dental work paying out-of-pocket can seem nearly impossible. If you need a dental implant, putting off the procedure could lead to bone loss or more serious dental problems in the future.

Here are two ways you can get an affordable dental implant if you don't have insurance.

1. Contact a dental school in your area.

When you can't afford to pay a licensed dentist for your dental implant, it might be beneficial to seek the services of a dental student instead. Dental schools provide hands-on training for future dentists, and they need patients for their students to practice on.

While you might think that getting your dental implant at a school could be risky, this isn't necessarily the case. Dental students are supervised by licensed dentists throughout each procedure they perform.

It may take a student longer to complete your dental implant, but they will be spending the extra time making sure their work is correct. Since dental schools often offer free services (and sometimes even pay you to come in for dental work), they can be a great resource for your dental implant when you don't have insurance.

2. Apply for help from a dental charity.

Individuals and organizations are starting to recognize that many Americans need help accessing dental services. To meet the needs of patients who don't have access to dental insurance, dental charities have been established.

When high costs make it impossible for you to get the dental implant you need, dental charities can step in and help. Receiving financial aid from a dental charity generally requires that you fill out an application requesting assistance. You should be prepared to provide financial information (like bank statements or tax returns) that proves you are in need, and your dentist may need to submit documentation proving your dental implant is a necessity.

Having the opportunity to turn to a dental charity for financial help can make it possible for you to get your dental implant without paying any out-of-pocket costs.

Living without dental insurance can become frightening when you find out that you need a dental implant. If you are unable to afford a dental implant without the help of insurance, but you don't have access to valid dental coverage, consider turning to a dental school or dental charity for financial help.

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