Signs You Need Adult Braces

Most people think of braces as something that's mainly for teenagers. In reality, though, braces have become much more common among adults who want a more beautiful smile. If you're unsure of whether or not braces would benefit you, just look for the common signs that you could benefit from braces. If you happen to notice any of these signs in your own smile, schedule an appointment with an orthodontist in your area to see what your options are.

"Angled" Teeth

One of the big signs that you might need braces is if you have one or more teeth that look as though they're sitting sideways, instead of straight up and down, in your mouth. These angled teeth can be caused by overcrowding in the mouth or a tooth or teeth that just plain grew in wrong from the start.

While some people will have these "troubled teeth" pulled, braces can also fix the problem by properly aligning these teeth. An orthodontist can tell you the best fix for your smile.

Crowded Teeth

As mentioned, overcrowding is a serious problem for many people. This happens when your teeth just haven't grown in a way that suits your mouth. When there's not enough room in your mouth, your teeth will do funny things, like grow on top of one another or grow crooked. All kinds of problems can occur from an overcrowded mouth, but it usually equals out to a funny-looking smile.

If you think overcrowding could be what's causing you to hate your pearly whites, book a consultation with a local orthodontist.

Too Much Space

You may also want to consider braces if you have a lot of gaps or spaces in your mouth. Normally, the teeth touch one another, but in some people, the teeth grow with large gaps between one or more teeth. This is very common with the front teeth, and for most people, is undesirable.

Braces can close up those spaces in between the teeth, leaving behind a straight, lovely smile.

An Awkward Bite

Underbites- when the bottom teeth protrude too far- or overbites- when the top teeth protrude too far- are cute on puppies but not so cute on grown-ups! If your overbite or underbite is causing you distress, pain, or jaw problems, then braces can really help.

In fact, braces can help all of these problems, and nowadays, it's possible to get clear, less obvious braces. So, don't let the fear of "looking funny" hold you back; even if you're nota  good candidate for clear braces, wearing braces for just a short time can give you a beautiful smile for life, so they're definitely worth considering!

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