9 Tips For Puppy Training

Training a puppy takes time and patience. There are no shortcuts, but it can be a rewarding experience for both you and your puppy. To help you and your puppy stay on the right track while training, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Be consistent. Giving your puppy different commands can cause confusion. During training, try to use the same words for each behavior you want your puppy to exhibit. 
  2. Stay calm. During training, there will be some setbacks. If you lose your temper and yell at your puppy, any gains you have will be out of fear and not loyalty or a desire to do right. 
  3. Give your puppy time. After receiving a command, your puppy needs time to determine what is required of it. As time passes, your puppy's response time will increase, but until then, it needs time to process the command. 
  4. Practice positive reinforcement. Using positive reinforcement can help to establish an association between doing the right thing and receiving accolades from you. As a result, it will be encouraged to strive for the good.
  5. Develop a routine. A routine helps your puppy to understand what is expected of it at certain times. For instance, if you take your puppy outside before dinner every day, it begins to expect the excursion and is less likely to break its potty training in the period leading up to it. 
  6. Introduce commands one at a time. Learning too many commands at one time can be confusing to your puppy. However, focusing on one command until your puppy learns it, then introducing another one helps to keep them separate in its mind. 
  7. Do not give up. Puppy training is sometimes frustrating. However, giving up can cause your puppy to backslide and make it more difficult to re-train your puppy. 
  8. Be reasonable with discipline. Even after practicing commands for weeks, your puppy can still have troubles. You should never discipline your puppy when you are unsure whether or not it understood the command and never when you are upset. 
  9. Avoid repeating commands. When you repeat your commands over and over, you defeat the purpose of training. The idea is for the puppy to follow the commands as early as possible. 

Work with your puppy trainer to learn what other rules to remember while training your puppy. He or she can help you understand challenges that you and your puppy are experiencing and identify solutions.