How A Chiropractor Can Help Your Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain has several different causes, and that can make it difficult to diagnose and cure. However, one thing you don't want to do is ignore the pain until it becomes a chronic problem. Early intervention can make it easier to heal your strain or injury and end the pain. A chiropractor is a big help when it comes to managing lower back pain. Here are some of the treatments he or she may offer you.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation is the treatment chiropractors are known for. It involves receiving quick thrusts to your spinal area to relieve pressure on it and bring it back into alignment. This treatment can help with back pain caused by a pinched nerve or problems with a spinal joint. The treatment helps relieve pain, which can happen instantly or over a course of several treatments. The chiropractor uses forceful thrusts and twists for this type of treatment unless you are physically unable to tolerate it. If necessary, gentler treatments can be given that use milder thrusts while you are in a more comfortable body position. Before treatments begin, your chiropractor takes a complete physical and medical history to determine the best way to administer the spinal adjustments.

Muscle Treatments

If your lower back pain is caused by a muscle strain or sprain, the chiropractor may take a different approach to your treatment. Ice or heat applied to your back can help diminish pain. Ice can also reduce swelling, which further reduces pain. Your chiropractor can also use treatments such as ultrasound, hydrotherapy, and electrical stimulation to relieve muscle stress and pain. When pain is relieved, you'll have improved range of motion, and your muscles will have the opportunity to heal.

Lifestyle Changes

Chiropractors often take a holistic approach to treating your back pain. This includes figuring out what contributes to your pain. You might have bad posture or problems with your gait. You may be encouraged to buy an ergonomic office chair, use shoe inserts, or exercise to strengthen your back muscles. Your chiropractor may even talk to you about taking certain supplements or improving your diet so your body becomes as healthy as possible to speed the healing of your back. Stress reduction is also important to relieving chronic back pain since you may tense your muscles when you feel stress and anxiety. Learning to mediate or getting a massage on a regular basis can teach you to relax and reduce the amount of pain you experience.

Back pain makes you very uncomfortable, and it may even interfere with your ability to work. It may take a few different types of treatments working together to fully heal your spine and the muscles that support them. A chiropractor can offer many treatment options that might work well enough to help you stay off prescription painkillers that make it difficult for you to work or take care of your family responsibilities. For more information, check out a site like