Preparing For Your First Prenatal Visit

There are few people who will be right by your side throughout your pregnancy quite like the obstetrician you choose from the healthcare directory. As your leading healthcare provider, these physicians monitor the health of you and your baby throughout the 40 weeks, and beyond, to ensure you and baby are happy and healthy. Given their critical role, establishing a good relationship from the very beginning is important. Here's how you can prepare for your visit.

Speak with Your Family

Prior to your visit sit down and have a conversation with your mother, sisters, grandmother, and any other close relatives. The medical history of your family will play an important role in your own pregnancy as many issues are hereditary. Gestational diabetes, morning sickness, and larger babies are all pregnancy conditions that fit within this category. When your physician knows what you are at risk for, they can do a better job assessing your health.  

Gather All Your Facts

In addition to your family medical history, it's helpful to provide the physician with important facts about your own self. Sit down and write a note that includes all your most pertinent information. Some of the important facts to jot down include the first day of your last menstrual cycle and when you took your pregnancy test. This info will help your physician determine how far along you are before it is confirmed with an ultrasound.  

Don't Get Too Excited

Although you probably have a lot of emotions running through you, sit back and calm down. When you get too excited, your vitals might be elevated, which could cause your doctor to think you're at risk, even when you aren't. It's also important to calm down during your first visit as many of the more exciting prenatal visits don't come until later down the road, such as 3D ultrasounds and gender reveals. Sit back and just know your turn is coming.

Put Your Listening Ear On

Make sure you put your listening hat on and that you're just not hearing what your doctor is telling you. During your initial prenatal visit, you will be getting a lot of information, especially when it comes to the dos and don'ts of your pregnancy. You want to ensure you're listening to this information so that you can properly take care of yourself. It might even be helpful to take a small pad along with you so that you can take notes.

Choosing the right physician from a provider directory and taking these simple steps will help you ensure a happier and healthier pregnancy. For more information, contact local professionals like HealthCare800.