It’s Not Just Your Back: Why Chiropractic Care Addresses More Than Back Pain

When you think "chiropractor," you automatically think "back" or "back pain," right? Most people do. However, a chiropractor addresses more than just back pain. Here are some other body parts that the chiropractor attempts to fix and reasons why more than back pain are part of the chiropractor's job.


Hips are a major part of your skeletal structure. They help you sit, walk, and stand, all while supporting the weight from your torso, arms, and head. Lower back pain can result from your hips being out of whack. The chiropractor attempts to push your hips back into a horizontally straight position by having you lay on your side, position your top or bottom leg a certain way, and then give your hips a good pop! When your hips are straight, there is less strain on your lower back and your body does not attempt to correct the horizontal alignment of your hips.


Shoulders experience similar problems to hips. You might not be aware of your slouching posture or the fact that you do not walk with your shoulders back. You can actually see this in a mirror if you stand sideways and look at your shoulders. They will look rounded forward, and your chest drops. Women will look as though their breasts are sagging all the way down when their shoulders are not where they need to be. A couple of adjustments, some practice walking with your shoulders back and squared over your hips, and your posture (as well as upper back pain) will be corrected.


Headaches are constant in people whose necks and neck muscles are extremely tight. Stress and/or car accidents are frequently the cause of these headaches and stiff necks. The chiropractor will gently rotate your head in a particular way and then apply pressure to just the right spot. You will immediately feel a slight pop, and then the tension in your neck completely dissipates. Your headache should feel less intense as well.

If the cause of your headaches is stress, you may need to find a new job or find time to unwind. If the cause is a car accident, and you have whiplash, you will need to heal slowly. Your chiropractor can continue to help with the healing process by using very slow and controlled adjustments to your head. If, at any time, an adjustment makes things hurt worse, be sure to tell the chiropractor. Contact a clinic, like Hiler Chiropractic and Vax-D Decompression Center, to get started.