If You’re Nervous Before A Gynecologist Visit, Here’s What To Do

When you are taking your first trip to the gynecologist, you might be very nervous. This is a normal emotion, especially when visiting a gynecologist. You don't have to be nervous, but if you are, there are many things you can do to calm your nerves.

Do Your Homework

Learn about your vagina and vulva before going into the gynecologist. If everything you are told by your gynecologist does not make sense, you will have a more difficult time having a productive conversation. Examine yourself in the mirror and write down any questions you might have about gynecology or your own personal health.

Know your medical history and the medical history of your family so you will know what to watch out for. Gynecological problems often run in the family and you will have fewer surprises if you know what to expect.

See a Recommended Gynecologist

Make sure to visit a gynecologist who is highly recommended by friends and family members. You will want to visit someone who will not make you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. You can also bring your friend or family member who made the recommendation with you.

Take Notes

Do not rely on your memory when asking questions of your doctor, or when he or she brings up concerns or other important information. If you are focused on trying to remember everything you are told, you will feel more anxiety and will be more distracted, so feel free to take notes when your doctor gives you advice and suggestions about your health.

Use Relaxation Techniques

Perform relaxation activities if you still feel nervous when you are in the waiting room. Engage in deep breathing to help calm your nerves. Consider engaging in progressive muscle relaxation; to engage in progressive muscle relaxation, flex each muscle group for five seconds and then have each muscle group relax for 30 seconds. Start with your toes and work all the way up to your neck.

Eat and Drink Beforehand

If you schedule your appointment in the afternoon, you can have lunch and can pour a glass of wine before going in. You can also schedule something fun for you to do after you visit the gynecologist; this will give you something else to think about while you're waiting.

Be Honest

When you are feeling nervous, you might be tempted to lie about personal habits because you are concerned about being judged. However, a gynecologist is a professional who will not be judgemental and will need to know your personal habits to be able to better help you. After you are done with your appointment, you will wonder what you were worried about.