Auto Accident: What To Do When You Can’t Tolerate Pain Medications

Many car accident victims rely on traditional medications and treatments to overcome their pain and suffering. But some adults can't tolerate the strong effects of aspirin, sedatives, and other types of drugs. Other individuals may worry about the long-term side effects certain types of medications will have on their bodies, minds, and spirits. If you can't tolerate traditional pain medications for any of the reasons above, try the non-medicated alternatives below.

Try Mindful Meditation

A growing number of people use yoga-based treatments like mindful meditation to ease their body pain. Mindful meditation allows you to refocus your mind on more relaxing and pleasant things instead of the pain in your body. Some sources reveal that mindful meditation can have a positive and profound effect on relieving pain, even if you only spend a moderate amount of time practicing it. 

Mindful meditation requires you to sit in a quiet place, such as in your bedroom or backyard. You keep your head, neck, back, and hips perfectly aligned with each other. The proper alignment helps strengthen your upper body tissues. If you can't tolerate sitting upright for long, place several large, supportive pillows behind your lower back and around your hips. You can also sit in a high-backed check for support.

You also gently lower your head so that your chin points down or toward your chest. Close your eyes and focus your thoughts on your breathing instead of your body pain. Your inhales and exhales should be slow, deliberate, and soothing. If your mind wanders away from your breathing, take a moment or two to relax. Slowly inhale and exhale until your mind remains focused on your breathing.

The techniques above are just a few samples of how mindful meditation works. You can find more information about alternative treatments for pain by contacting a chiropractor. A chiropractor may also provide other non-medicinal treatments that may work better for you.

Manage Your Pain With Chiropractic Therapy

Many chiropractors offer pain management programs to help auto accident victims handle their body pain. The programs may involve unique treatments, such as muscle massage, or they may incorporate more traditional pain management therapies. Physical therapy is one type of pain management therapy you may find useful. 

Physical therapy helps you overcome your pain through various methods, including stationary cycling and swimming. Some physical therapists use light hand weights, stress balls, and low-impact cardio sessions to treat chronic and acute pain. These types of treatments allow your injured muscles, bones, and other tissues to heal naturally instead of with medication therapy or surgery.

If you choose to use physical therapy in conjunction with mindful meditation, be sure to clear it with your regular doctor. Your regular physician may also provide your chiropractor or physical therapist information about your injuries, including how you suffered from them. If you have questions about physical therapy or other types of therapies, consult with a chiropractor or physical therapist immediately. 

Even if your pain lessens, it's crucial that you continue with your treatments. Car accident injuries like whiplash can cause symptoms years after they occur. By continuing with your treatments, you can overcome or lessen the impact of your symptoms in the future. 

It's also a good idea to keep a diary of your progress, including how you feel and respond to your treatments. If you experience pain during certain times of the day, night, or week, a chiropractor can use the recorded information to adjust your treatment plan. 

You don't have to suffer from your car accident pain alone. Contact a chiropractor or specialist in car accident physical therapy and request a consultation today.