4 Tips To Help Speed Up Your Recovery After Liposuction

As long as you have done your research and found a professional, experienced cosmetic surgeon to perform your liposuction surgery, the surgery is both safe and effective. Of course, as with any procedure, liposuction carries certain risks, and there is a recovery period—though it is generally not more than a few weeks. To ensure that you minimize post-surgery risks and promote quick recovery, here are four tips.

Tip #1: Drink Lots of Water

You should always be drinking a lot of water, as it is important to your overall well-being; however, hydration is particularly important after your liposuction surgery—or any surgery for that matter. Drinking water will ensure that your organs remain functional and that your blood continues to circulate optimally. In addition, water will flush out any toxins in the body and help to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Tip #2: Keep an Eye on What You're Eating

Consuming the right nutrients is just as important as staying hydrated after your liposuction surgery. Following the procedure, you will want to ensure that you are limiting the amount of sugar and sodium that you are consuming as this will help to minimize swelling and speed up the healing process. In addition, proper diet and nutrition can help to improve the overall affects of the procedure by enhancing your overall body composition.

Tip #3: Use Compression Garments

While you may not want to wear compression garments because of the way that they look or you just don't feel like they are truly helpful, they can actually improve surgery results and speed up your recovery. Your surgeon will likely recommend that you wear a medical-grade garment and provide you with a specific timeframe of how long you should wear the garment. These garments are designed to add additional pressure to the surgical site in order to minimize swelling, reduce bleeding, and minimize bruising.

Tip #4: Get Some Rest

No matter how well you feel after your liposuction surgery, it is important that you take the time to rest. Surgical procedures take more of a toll than you realize on your body, and in order for you to recovery properly, you need some rest. Your surgeon will recommend a certain time period of time off of work and from certain physical activities—take this time as it will speed up your recovery so that you can resume your normal day-to-day activities faster.

If you have any questions regarding the liposuction procedure itself or the recovery process, talk to your surgeon before the procedure.