4 Reasons For Visiting A Gynecologist

In general, women would prefer not to have medical instruments inserted into their bodies for the purpose of examination, but sometimes it is necessary. Gynecologists uphold the most professional of standards because they know what an incredibly awkward and uncomfortable position this is. While it is certainly true that you never really have to visit a gynecologist (just as you never really have to visit any doctor if you do not want to), there are some very good reasons for choosing to visit a gynecologist anyway. 

1. You Are Having Sex, or You Want to Have Sex

Having sex for the first time, or deciding that you are ready to have sex, means that you should have your lady parts fully examined. If you already had sex, you can be tested for STD that your partner may not have disclosed to you, or he does not know he has. It is also the perfect time to discuss birth control, because even though you may feel ready to have sex, you may not be ready for pregnancy and child-rearing. 

2. You Have a Lot of Vaginal Discomfort, Odor, or Strange Lesions

All of these issues are signs that you have contracted either an STD or that your body has developed an infection in response to something else. The good news is that a "gyno" can diagnose the problem and prescribe the correct medication to either cure the problem or ease the symptoms. (Some STDs, like genital warts, cannot be cured; they can only be treated. The warts are a viral infection with no known cure.) Some issues, such as vaginal tearing or pain, can be indicative of a hormonal problem, which are also curable with medication. 

3. You Want an Inserted Form of Birth Control, or You Want Your Birth Control Removed

If you choose an IUD, a diaphragm, or other inserted form of birth control, you have to visit a gynecologist to have it inserted properly. If you decide you want that same form of birth control removed, that is another visit to the gynecologist. Women who do not want to have to remember to take a pill every day accept that they will make several visits to their gynecologist's offices for insertable and removable forms of birth control. 

4. You Want to Have a Baby, or You Are Pregnant

Any woman on the planet that wants to have a baby or suspects that she is already pregnant should visit a gynecologist. At this point, the gynecologist switches gears to become your obstetrician, but your vagina, cervix, and uterus are still part of exams in order to carry and deliver a healthy baby. The gynecologist confirms pregnancies, prescribes prenatal vitamins, makes suggestions for healthy diets and exercise, and monitors the growth of the baby inside you. 

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