Understanding The Benefits Of Opting For Robotic Assisted Knee Surgery

If you have a moderate to a severe case of arthritis and need to have your knees replaced, then you have some options when it comes to surgical techniques. And, your orthopedic professional may suggest the completion of robotic-assisted surgery. There are some benefits to this, so keep reading to learn what they are.

Reduced Recovery Time

Robots used during surgery allow surgeons to get into small and tight spaces without creating large incisions. And, this can have great benefits when it comes to a complicated surgical area like the knee. It allows for less damage to the soft tissues in the region which translates to fewer stitches, a shorter incision, and far less inflammation. And, when a smaller section of the tissue is disrupted, scar tissue formation is reduced as well. Pain is minimized as a result too and may mean that fewer pain relievers will be required. 

All of these things translate into a shorter recovery period. This recovery period means increased mobility in a shorter period of time. And, if you are mobile and able to walk with assistive devices soon after your operation, then you can leave the hospital within a day or two. This can help to prevent hospital-acquired infections and blood clot issues that result from immobility.

While this is true, you will still need to make arrangements for wound care, dressing changes, and physical therapy outside of the hospital setting.

More Natural Feeling Knee

Many individuals complain of something called joint awareness after a knee replacement procedure. This means that you can actively feel the joint and notice unpleasant sensations when you move. Typically, individuals complain of pain, soreness, and stiffness around the joint, especially when exercising or walking down the stairs. And, this sort of issue is reduced when surgery is completed with the assistance of a robot. In this scenario, the precise nature of the operation along with the ability to place more customized sorts of knee replacements ensures a natural feel.

Also, when robots are utilized, your surgeon can guarantee a more accurate placement of the artificial joint device. This is due to the way that 3D imaging is used during the planning stages. The images inform the robotic device during the operation to ensure placement using your specific anatomy as a guide. 

If you want to know more about robotic-assisted knee surgery, speak with an orthopedic professional who specializes in these types of surgical procedures.