What Can You Expect In Rehab?

If you struggle with addiction, you may fear that you will never regain control of your life. However, with in-patient rehab, you can find the help you need. If you would like to know more about what to expect if you go to rehab, keep reading.

Therapy and Counseling

A big part of rehab is undergoing therapy and counseling. Some people may only need therapy to understand their triggers, so they can identify and avoid them. However, many people with addiction have a dual diagnosis. This means they have an addiction and a mood disorder like depression or PTSD.

With dual diagnosis, the underlying mood disorder also needs to be treated. If you continue to struggle with untreated depression outside of rehab, it's too easy to return to old coping habits like drugs. Having healthy coping skills to deal with your mood disorder will allow you to avoid drugs and alcohol in the future. In turn, this alone could help with your mood disorder since many mood disorders get worsened when you abuse drugs or alcohol.

The type of therapy and counseling you need depends on many factors. For example, if family members are major triggers for you, you may need to undergo family counseling to help eliminate those triggers.

Life-Skills Training

When you abuse drugs for a long time, you may lose or never develop some healthy life skills. Luckily, many rehab centers also teach these basic life skills, so you can continue to thrive and live independently after rehab.

Some skills involve independent living skills, such as maintaining a daily schedule, eating healthy, taking care of your hygiene, managing your finances, etc. However, depending on your needs, you may also undergo training to help create healthy coping mechanisms, control your emotions, or improve your social interactions.

Support and Care

Being in rehab means that you have people monitoring you constantly. You won't be able to leave whenever you want, and you won't be able to get drugs or alcohol. At the same time, the people monitoring you are trained to help with addiction, which is especially important during detox.

Everyone in the facility is focused on getting healthy, so you can make some important relationships with people who understand your unique struggle. Many rehab facilities also help set you up for outpatient care, so you aren't left stranded after treatment.

If you have been struggling with addiction, it's time to retake control of your life. In-patient rehab can help give you the time, help, and skills you need to become free from drugs and alcohol. If you would like to know more, contact a provider in your area today.

For more information on substance abuse rehab, contact a professional near you.