Why Your Manufacturing Business Needs A Vaccination Validation System

COVID-19 changed the way many businesses operate. In fact, it changed operations as well as what is considered wellness in the workplace. One of the key things that changed is the need for the COVID-19 vaccination. This vaccination consists of two main shots and at least one or more boosters. When these vaccinations are given, a card showing those vaccinations is given to the vaccinated individual. A way to keep track of who is vaccinated in your workplace is to use a vaccination validation system or kiosk. If you haven't heard of this option, here are some benefits to having one on your manufacturing site. 

Reduced Staffing Need

Many companies are still facing an economic issue as well as an issue with staffing. Having to find, train, and hire new staffers just to perform vaccination validations. The leading benefit of using a vaccination validation system or kiosk is that many of them operate on their own. These systems are stand alone systems that can be placed at the entry into the business or manufacturing area. They operate on their own just as a time clock or other similar device. This means you do not need a new staff member for each shift to check the vaccinations. It is here and ready to work. 

Easy Operation

You may be worried about the training involved with your employees using the kiosk. These kiosks tend to be fairly easy to operate. Many of them operate by simply having the employee show their vaccination card. The card is checked by the system and validated within seconds. You can have the system check daily for each employee as they come in or you can set it to only check those that are not in the system with a valid vaccination verification. You can then have the verification performed every few months to ensure your records and vaccination verifications stay up to date. 

Recordkeeping and Updating

Recordkeeping can be an issue as well as updating those records to show the employee has their vaccinations. With the use of a vaccination validation system, the image of the employee as well as their name and vaccination card are kept in their records. This means you can go back to the kiosk and access each employee to ensure they have their vaccination. Any updates are made directly to the files and updated for the employees records. 

These are just a few of the benefits to having a vaccination validation system on your manufacturing site. If you are ready to purchase this type of system contact your area medical supply company. They can direct you to ordering this kiosk and having it set up on your site. They can also show you how to use the kiosk and answer any questions you have about the operation.