Why Getting a Colon Cancer Screening Is More Important Than You Think

Colon cancer is commonly known as one of the deadliest types of cancer, which is why it's important to get checked regularly. It's important to get colon cancer screening, as it can detect colon cancer at an early stage and decrease the risk of mortality. Many people avoid getting colon cancer screening due to embarrassment, fear, or simply a lack of information regarding the procedure. However, a colon cancer screening is a simple and painless procedure that can ultimately save your life.

Early Detection Can Save Your Life

The most significant benefit of getting a colon cancer screening is the early detection of colorectal cancer. The earlier the diagnosis, the better the patient's chances of survival. When colon cancer is found and treated early, it's curable. In fact, the survival rate has a high percentage if it is detected early on.

Prevent Colon Cancer

The other benefit of getting colon cancer screening is that it can prevent colon cancer from developing. During the screening process, physicians have the ability to remove polyps that develop in the colon or rectum before they progress into cancerous growths. This proactive approach not only safeguards against future health complications but also ensures early detection and intervention. By identifying and removing the polyps, cancer can be prevented.

High-Risk Individuals

If you have an elevated risk of colon cancer due to family history or other factors, it is crucial to undergo regular screenings. This proactive measure is instrumental in ensuring early detection and effective management of the condition. Stay proactive in safeguarding your health and well-being. Furthermore, people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are at higher risk of getting colon cancer and should be screened often.

Minimal Risk

Many people avoid getting colon cancer screening due to the fear of the procedure. However, the risk of complications from getting a colonoscopy is very low. Symptoms such as mild cramping, bloating, or gas can occur, but these symptoms indicate nothing to worry about. The risk of more severe complications, such as bleeding or perforation of the colon, is very rare.

A Few Days of Discomfort Can Save Your Life

Getting a colon cancer screening is uncomfortable, yes, but it's worth it to be sure you're healthy. Moreover, experiencing a few days of discomfort from the colon cancer screening procedure is far better than undergoing chemotherapy or radiation for months, which is more painful and costs more.

Getting colon cancer screening is essential for identifying and preventing colon cancer. Don't be afraid or shy; the procedure is quick, painless, and very important. However, if you're at high risk, you may need to begin earlier. Remember, early detection could save your life. So please do not overlook the importance of getting a colon cancer screening.

To learn more about colon cancer screening, contact a provider near you.