4 Tips To Help Speed Up Your Recovery After Liposuction

As long as you have done your research and found a professional, experienced cosmetic surgeon to perform your liposuction surgery, the surgery is both safe and effective. Of course, as with any procedure, liposuction carries certain risks, and there is a recovery period—though it is generally not more than a few weeks. To ensure that you minimize post-surgery risks and promote quick recovery, here are four tips. Tip #1: Drink Lots of Water Read More 

How Medical Facilities Benefit From Hiring Travel Nurses

Filling nursing roles at medical and care facilities is proving to be a growing challenge, and many operations are increasingly turning to travel nurse staffing services companies for help. In some instances, bringing in travel nurses may even actually help an organization save money. These four issues are worth taking into account if your organization is thinking about travel nurse staffing options. Skills Finding nurses who'll hire on to handle skill-based jobs is not always simple, and a staffing agency may be the fastest way to put someone on the job. Read More 

Auto Accident: What To Do When You Can’t Tolerate Pain Medications

Many car accident victims rely on traditional medications and treatments to overcome their pain and suffering. But some adults can't tolerate the strong effects of aspirin, sedatives, and other types of drugs. Other individuals may worry about the long-term side effects certain types of medications will have on their bodies, minds, and spirits. If you can't tolerate traditional pain medications for any of the reasons above, try the non-medicated alternatives below. Read More 

Groin Pulls In Athletic Boys

If you have boys, you know just how active they can be. Typically, boys just shake it off when they get hurt roughhousing and playing. Boys who participate in organized sports are even more likely to downplay any injuries. They don't want to be benched, and their competitive drive and adrenaline can fuel their will to play through the pain. Even the coaches and their teammates may try to downplay an injury. Read More 

If You’re Nervous Before A Gynecologist Visit, Here’s What To Do

When you are taking your first trip to the gynecologist, you might be very nervous. This is a normal emotion, especially when visiting a gynecologist. You don't have to be nervous, but if you are, there are many things you can do to calm your nerves. Do Your Homework Learn about your vagina and vulva before going into the gynecologist. If everything you are told by your gynecologist does not make sense, you will have a more difficult time having a productive conversation. Read More