Coping With That Ringing In Your Ears

An audiologist, like the ones at Hearing Health Clinic, has diagnosed that annoying ringing in your ears as tinnitus. Sometimes it's barely noticeable, but at other times, it makes it hard to concentrate on conversations with other people, your job and projects at home. Unless your tinnitus is caused by a medical condition that can be treated, it likely will not go away. Your doctor will work with you to create a plan containing a number of ways to deal with the ringing in your ears. Read More 

Post–Time Out: 4 Things You Can Do To Help Stop Your Child’s Tantrum

When most people think about visiting the pediatrician, they think about a sick child. However, a pediatrician is there for a number of things, including helping you to become a good parent. If you are having trouble with disciplining your toddler, a pediatrician may be able to provide some valuable insight. In the meantime, though, here are a few tips for you if you have a child that seems to be unable to stop his or her tantrum even after time out is over: Read More 

How Genetics Can Increase Your Likelihood Of Substance Abuse

Although addiction is often discussed as a moral and societal issue, it may be more productive to consider it as a genetic disease. In fact, recent research has found that your genes may account for as much as 60 percent of your vulnerability to drug addiction. Finding the root of addiction, however, will never be as simple as tracking down a single gene. By understanding how your genes can influence your propensity for addiction, you can learn how your body uniquely responds to drugs and adapt your substance abuse treatment to counter those responses. Read More 

Suffering From Carpal Tunnel? A Look At Your Treatment Options

Are you experiencing tingling in your index and middle fingers? Does your hand suddenly feel weak sometimes? Chances are, you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition in which the median nerve, which passes through your wrist and controls your thumb and fingers, becomes pinched or irritated. Often cause by repetitive movements like typing and texting, carpal tunnel can be diagnosed with a physical evaluation of symptoms and sometimes x-rays. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Systemic lupus erythematosus, also known as SLE, is metabolic myopathy that results in the immune system attacking healthy tissue. This autoimmune disease can manifest as arthritis as well as a wide variety of other conditions. The rare nature of this metabolic myopathy sometimes means it's often overlooked and treated improperly.  That's why it's important for you to understand this disease so you can properly diagnosis it and receive the right treatment. Read More