Construction Workers With Hearing Loss Should Talk With Doctors ASAP

Working in construction can be a profitable endeavor, but may also cause some health concerns. For example, hearing loss is common in the construction world and can be very debilitating and hard to tolerate. As a result, it is critical for construction workers to continually assess their hearing and potential problems and work with a doctor who has their best needs in mind. When Construction Workers May Want to Talk to a Hearing Doctor Read More 

Non-Surgical Treatments That Might Help Your Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can cause you to isolate yourself because you fear you'll have an accident or you worry about odor. Instead of letting incontinence control your life, talk to your doctor about finding a solution. Incontinence can often be cured with the proper treatment. It shouldn't be thought of as a normal result of aging or pregnancy. The treatment your doctor recommends depends on the type of incontinence you have. Here are some treatments for urinary incontinence to consider. Read More 

Are You A Fit For Laser Eye Surgery? What You Should Know In Advance

If you have struggled with eyesight problems for most of your life and would like to pursue surgery to correct your vision, you may be ready to talk with your eye doctor about the possibility of laser surgery. However, it's important to know what factors are considered when deciding if you are a good candidate for laser eye surgery. Here are some of the things that you should know.  Your Cornea Read More 

Why Your Manufacturing Business Needs A Vaccination Validation System

COVID-19 changed the way many businesses operate. In fact, it changed operations as well as what is considered wellness in the workplace. One of the key things that changed is the need for the COVID-19 vaccination. This vaccination consists of two main shots and at least one or more boosters. When these vaccinations are given, a card showing those vaccinations is given to the vaccinated individual. A way to keep track of who is vaccinated in your workplace is to use a vaccination validation system or kiosk. Read More 

Kids’ Sedation Dentistry, Its Benefits, and Its Uses

You may have heard of sedation dentistry for kids and want to know more. For some children, sedation dentistry may make them feel more comfortable during a complex procedure. It can also be good for special needs or overly-anxious children. Keep reading to learn more about kids' sedation dentistry and if your child may benefit from it. How Does Kids' Sedation Dentistry Work? Kids' sedation dentistry works to use medications to calm your child and make them feel more comfortable. Read More