3 Things To Know About General Surgical Care

For many, surgery is a scary word. When people think of surgery, they may envision long recoveries and a painful healing process. However, surgery is sometimes necessary. After a trauma, surgery can stop blood loss and repair internal structures. Surgery can also be used to repair or remove organs that have become damaged due to an illness or accident. When you need surgery, you must turn to the care of a general surgeon. Read More 

Tips For Preparing For Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatments are very popular for cancer patients and others who suffer from serious health conditions. If your doctor has talked to you about stem cell treatment, then you might have set an appointment, all in hopes that the treatment will work well for you. Preparing properly for your stem cell treatment can help you ensure that it is a success, so follow the tips below. Pay Attention to Your Medication Read More 

Understanding The Benefits Of Opting For Robotic Assisted Knee Surgery

If you have a moderate to a severe case of arthritis and need to have your knees replaced, then you have some options when it comes to surgical techniques. And, your orthopedic professional may suggest the completion of robotic-assisted surgery. There are some benefits to this, so keep reading to learn what they are. Reduced Recovery Time Robots used during surgery allow surgeons to get into small and tight spaces without creating large incisions. Read More 

Blood Pressure Services That Your Local Drugstore Can Provide

If you have concerns about your blood pressure, you might regularly visit your local drugstore to pick up your prescribed blood pressure medication. It's important to understand, however, that your drugstore can do far more to help your blood pressure than simply dispense the medication that your family doctor has prescribed. While the services that individual drugstores offer can vary from location to location, here are some services that are frequently available for people who are concerned about their blood pressure. Read More 

3 Important Things To Know If You Have A Child With An Egg Allergy

Children are more prone to food allergies than adults, and having a child with food allergies can be a little intimidating for sure. This is especially true if your child is allergic to a food that is as commonly incorporated into other foods like eggs are. When children are allergic to eggs, what they are actually allergic to is the proteins in the eggs, usually the egg whites. Here is a look at some of the things you should know if you have a child who has been diagnosed with having an egg allergy. Read More